Location data


Add more precise information about the location of a node.

IDMEF class Node already has a location attribute. But it is only a single string, which isn't enough to describe precisely the location of the node.

Solution 1:

Replace the field location in Node by a normalised class.

Impacted Class Proposed Field Type
Node->Location latitude float
longitude float
city String
country String
state String
Node Location


  • It is and will be more and more important in the future for Connected Objects


  • We have to choose a standard for longitude and latitude
  • Needs to define "when" the position is calculated (ex : connected object moving)


30/10/2015 Meeting: OK !

GL: Could be interesting to also add an agency name for enterprises for example.

SM : Indeed, this information is available in LEEF.

GL : We will have to choose a standard for longitude and latitude, since there are many of them.

YV : To be discussed in priority because some changes must be made in Prelude regarding this topic. Should be done before FIC ! Meeting ASAP !

VH : Prelude shouldn't really interfere with SECEF and it seems hazardous to me to change the implementation of IDMEF before having set up on a new structure for the format. However, I understand this is necessary, and, since everyone seem to agree on this topic, we could maybe make an exception.