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The Process Class

The Process class is used to describe processes being executed on sources, targets, and analyzers.

The Process class is composed of five aggregate classes:

  • name

Exactly one. STRING. The name of the program being executed. This is a short name; path and argument information are provided elsewhere.

  • pid

Zero or one. INTEGER. The process identifier of the process.

  • path

Zero or one. STRING. The full path of the program being executed.

  • arg

Zero or more. STRING. A command-line argument to the program. Multiple arguments may be specified (they are assumed to have occurred in the same order they are provided) with multiple uses of arg.

  • env

Zero or more. STRING. An environment string associated with the process; generally of the format "VARIABLE=value". Multiple environment strings may be specified with multiple uses of env.

The Process class has one attribute:

  • ident

Optional. A unique identifier for the process.

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